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NEW group! 🎉 Plus, the soy debate debunked & coffee vs tea.

Have you ever wondered: Why bother? The world seems so backwards or your health feels so out of whack that doing anything about it feels impossible?

I did, recently, but then I got a boost. I hope this note does the same for you. 😊

A few weeks ago, I was running out of hope for my home state of Tennessee—again—but whenever I start losing faith in this place, the community I love sweeps in and reminds me why I'm here.

Last Monday, at 5:15 p.m., something remarkable happened in Nashville. 9000 people made a 3-mile human chain from Vanderbilt Children's Hospital to the capitol building. It was a plea for our state legislature to protect our kids' safety by passing a red flag law that would allow police to take guns away from mentally ill people who are a threat to themselves or others.

The event was led by my friend Quin Evans Segall. The day after the Covenant School shooting, Quin invited 25 women, myself included, to her living room to put the legislature on notice with a new bipartisan organization called Voices for a Safer Tennessee. Through the human chain and relentless outreach, this group of teachers, doctors, lawyers, faith leaders, public policy experts, politicians, fundraisers, marketers, web designers, and musicians successfully lobbied our notoriously right-wing legislature to call a special session in May to address the issue of gun violence—a miracle in a state like ours It was a spectacular reminder of what happens when like-minded people come together to say, Hey! This doesn't make sense, and we can do better. Collective change happens when we band together, and that's as true for health and healing as it is for social justice. In that spirit, I'm opening a new group health coaching cohort this summer! The group we had last winter was irreverent and transformative. When it ended, they wrote:

This group helped me interrupt negative, defeatist thinking. I tackled things I've been avoiding for such a long time! I took so much inspiration from the other participants. I can't believe how relaxed I feel now that I know I don't have to "discipline" myself to be healthy.

Traditional rules about how to "get in shape" are frequently destructive. If you're tired of being hypervigilant about diet and exercise—and you'd like an alternative approach to support your health—join us! We'll meet once a week for 5 weeks, beginning June 1st. Registration is open now and limited to 12 spots. ➡️ We do not have to spend a lifetime struggling with food and our bodies. ➡️ We do not have to "control" ourselves to succeed. ➡️ We do not have to suffer to heal. In this group, I'll be teaching the fundamentals I've developed over 20 years in workshops and with private clients, at a much lower price point. The meetings will be low-pressure and easy access—one hour per week with a group of kindred spirits. Why bother? Because things change when we come together to demand better. So many of us have been at war with our bodies for way too long. It doesn't have to be that way. LEARN MORE

Wishing you a beautiful week with all your favorite people!


👉 P.S. If you vote in Nashville, take note of Quin's name! She is running for city council, and we need voices like hers in office!


Which is healthier: coffee or tea?

In need of some reliable comfort or an energy boost? I love last week's lighthearted question from a reader at Forbes: Is coffee or tea healthier?

Research says they are both great ways to start your day and can have a positive effect on your long-term health.

Fun fact: Tea is usually lower in caffeine than coffee. Coffee may give you a quicker burst of energy because of the high caffeine content, but tea contains L-theanine, a chemical that (in combination with caffeine) can help you stay mentally alert for longer.

For more on the benefits and (a few) risks of tea and coffee, check out the full column!


Is soy bad for you?

Speaking of tea and coffee... what about the milk you choose to put in it?

This week's column is built on last week's coffee theme. A mom wrote in to ask if soy milk is bad for her and her son.

This debate has been raging for decades! There are so many myths and misconceptions, but the science is well-established now:

Unless you're allergic to it, you can rest easy eating soy. It's even been shown to improve long-term health and, in some studies, to reduce hot flashes in menopausal women.

Read more about how soy interacts with hormones, cancer risk, and overall nutrition.💪


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