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Turns out, rest and ice cream really can help.

I hope you're getting some quality time off!

Illustration by Ariel Sun via Harvard Business Review

According to researchers at Harvard Business Review downtime really does matter: "Spending weekends or holidays working undermines one of the most important factors that determines whether people persist in their work: intrinsic motivation... Our data shows that working during leisure time creates internal conflict between pursuing personal and professional goals, leading people to enjoy their work less." I LOVE my work but did a terrible job of heeding this advice in 2022. Next year, quality downtime is a top priority for me. Below you'll find my top two, most-loved articles of 2022 to help you think through your wellness goals for 2023. You picked some good ones! Please share with friends if they're helpful! Publishers notice when quality content gets more traction than quick-fix junk—and when they publish better info, everyone benefits. Wishing you a restful holiday! Sarah


Top Two Articles You Loved in 2022


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