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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I'm so excited to announce that my third book is on the way!! This time with Running Press. ✨ THE HABIT TRIP will be out late-fall of 2020. Publisher's Weekly announcement and the synopsis are below. This book came out of the work I've been doing as a trainer and health coach for the last 17 years—as well as the corporate and non-profit workshops I've been teaching. If you wondered why I've been M.I.A. the last few months, this is why!

THE HABIT TRIP will be out on Running Press in late-fall 2020! This book is an interactive Oh, The Places You'll Go romp—for grown-ups lost in a dizzying wonderland of ambition, passion, frustration, and fatigue. Take a look around. You have landed at the central intersection of your life, at the place where ten, primary aspects of your health and happiness meet. Grab a bottle of water, a bag of trail mix, and a sun-bleached, fill-in-the-blank roadmap. By the end of THE HABIT TRIP, you will have identified which areas of your life are working, which are not, and how to fix the ones that aren’t with personalized reinforcements for both high- and low-stress periods of your life.—Your challenges. Your solutions. Your way.—You already have all of the answers you need. This book will help you find them.