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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

THE HABIT TRIP will be out on Running Press December 1, 2020!

When something feels wrong, your routines are a mess, and nothing is working, you want to make a change. The impulse is to go big: start a ten-day fast. Work out five times a week. Quit your job, end your marriage, and move to Dubai—raze it all to the ground. But those drastic efforts tend to fizzle out before they've even begun. The Habit Trip maps the topography of who you are and what you love, revealing a personalized infrastructure for well-being that is hiding in plain sight.

The journey is divided into three sections: • The Situation: evaluate your life in ten areas to identify what’s working and what’s not • The Solution: find micro-doses of solace and strength to bolster your health and stability • The Payoff: amplify the power, peace, and presence that comes with knowing what matters most

The Habit Trip is an actionable antidote for stress and frustration, nestled inside of an interactive workbook in which you are the one and only expert. By the end of your rollicking journey (accompanied by a host of enchanted creatures), you'll have charted an easier way to roll through the joyful chaos of life, one habit at a time. Your challenges, your solutions, your way.

(Update: The cover is almost done! If you want to pre-order, you can do so at (to support indie bookstores) or Amazon. You'll see a plain black stand-in cover for now, but the real one is coming soon!)


I'm so excited to announce that my third book is on the way!! This time with Running Press. ✨ THE HABIT TRIP will be out December 1, 2020. The Publisher's Weekly announcement is below. This book came out of the work I've been doing as a trainer and health coach for the last 17 years—as well as the corporate and non-profit workshops I've been teaching. If you wondered why I've been M.I.A. the last few months, this is why!

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