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What is a death doula?

Growing up, my mom was a hospice night nurse, and, in the past two years, my husband lost two of his close family members.

I've seen the toll caring for terminally-ill patients can take on people caring for them and the pressure doctors and nurses are under to provide 24-hour support.

I imagine you may have seen some of the same.

This week at Forbes, I was honored to have the opportunity to learn about the growing profession of death doulas, interview family members who have recently lost loved ones, and speak with Ashley Johnson, the president of the National End-of-Life Doula Association.

Death doulas offer compassionate support, helping patients and families navigate logistical, emotional, and spiritual decisions at the end-of-life.

If you are caring for a loved one (or may need to in the future), check out the article to learn more about:

👉 The role of death doulas

👉 Training and certification

👉 How to hire a qualified one


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