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What now?? No More Apologies.

Last Friday after the Kavanaugh hearings, my Instagram post looked like this:

I followed that plan exactly and arrived the following Monday morning unleashed. I am DONE being meek. Those who know me well are probably laughing at me right now: Coomer, meek??? Not so much. Fine. But I have done a lot of apologizing throughout my life about my body and work. Don’t want to be too forceful! Too loud! What will people think?! Done.

The best thing I can do (aside from CALLING my senators and VOTING) is using my talent and energy to raise money and awareness for people who are actually out changing the world. (Pssst, that's you.) So I’m doing two things.

First, I’m shouting my book from the rooftops because there is wisdom in there from extraordinary women to help us all keep our sanity (and our bodies) intact—AND it raises money for Planned Parenthood and the World Food Programme.

Second, October 1-14—I'm selling the coolest hats in town with 100% of the profits going to the YWCA to support empowerment of women and victims of domestic violence—and their brother organization AMEND to champion and grow our allies. More info on them came out in my newsletter. When I was protesting at Senator Corker's office on Friday, I was DYING that I had run out of these hats, so I ordered more.

If you want to support the cause:

1. Buy the book and tell your friends.  I am more than happy to Skype in for book clubs. Your energy and your insights FUEL my fire and keep me going. I love talking with you so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

2. Go to Amazon and leave a review if you haven’t already. I need your voice to help spread the word to women all over the country who are suffering physical and emotional trauma (most recently at the hands of Donald Trump, Lindsay Graham, and Brett "Frat Boy" Kavanaugh). [I know, I know, a lot of people hate Amazon, but not everybody has an indie bookstore near their house!]

3. Get yourself a handy-dandy DISOBEDIENT hat to wear to marches, rallies, and the fucking grocery store. We are in this together. I am with you. Keep going!

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