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If you could make one change, what would it be?

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Behavior change doesn't have to be painful. Habits aren't monsters. They're just rituals that fill our needs in one way or another, and the best kind of change feels more like pleasure than pain. You're the expert here.  

What's working, and what's not?

My name is Sarah Hays Coomer. I’m a Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach, columnist at Forbes, National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer, speaker, and the author of three books. I help individuals and groups build intrinsically-driven systems to support our collective well-being. 

Eighteen years working with clients from all walks of life have taught me a few essential facts:


  1. Your body can teach you everything you ever needed to know about how to thrive.
    (This holds true for your individual body, student body, or body politic.)


  2. That inherent wisdom can also help you identify where you're headed next and which steps to take to get there.

  3. You can't beat the truth for a springboard. Starting right where you are is a powerful place to be. 

"Making healthy changes is a lifelong practice of treating ourselves, and others, with basic kindness and respect—radical, that. It’s about learning to hear and respond to our bodies and minds, so our lives can feel better and we can help make other people’s lives feel better too."

What brings you here?


The Habit Trip is an interactive, fill-in-the-blank workbook, rooted in the science of behavior change, that guides you through a strange wonderland and Ten Areas of Wellbeing to figure out:

  • What matters most to you

  • What comes naturally

  • The structure of habits

  • How to change them your way

Because that's the only way that works.



New York Times Bestselling Author of DRIVE and WHEN

The Habit Trip is a joy. Imagine if childhood stories and behavior science got together to give us lessons on how to change.


Indigo Girls

Sarah Hays Coomer will heal many broken spirits and burdened bodies... The approach to healthy living and weight loss is practical, holistic, and accessible to anyone.


Author of The Willpower Instinct and

The Joy of Movement

If you've ever wanted the process of change to feel more playful, joyful, and rooted in self-trust—

not self-criticism—The Habit Trip will show you the way.


Vice President of Events

Liberty Mutual

Sarah addresses not only nutrition and exercise obstacles but gives you a forum to work on root causes of self-sabotage and what's holding you back from success.


Designer, Bayou with Love

Actor, Twilight, Thirteen

Coomer's insight is startling, and her approach is gentle but effective.


Director of Communications

American Addiction Centers

Working with Sarah has been liberating and transformational. Her encouragement, wisdom, and genuine compassion have been life-changing. I’m forever grateful to have found her. 



Book Cover for Physical Disobedience by Author Sarah Hays Coomer
Book Cover Image for the Book Lightness of Body and Mind by Author Sarah Hays Coomer