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We all have a pretty good idea of what we want to achieve—which habits, relationships, and routines feel right, which don't, and how we want to fix them. Nearly two decades as a health coach has taught me one essential fact:

You know what you need to feel whole.

Nobody else can tell you that. 

You have the answers you need. The fun part is figuring out where to find them, and the best and only place to start is wherever you are right now. 


I’m a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness coach, a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer, and the author of three books. My newest, The Habit Trip: A Fill-in-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose is coming December 1, 2020. I work with individuals and groups to build intrinsically-driven systems to support our collective well-being.

I am fascinated by the peace and power that comes with honoring our bodies and the eccentricities that make us unique. We don't have to manipulate our bodies to improve our lives. We are much better served by listening to them, celebrating them, and giving them what they need to thrive. 

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Are all of your "bad" habits actually bad?

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The Habit Trip is a joy. Imagine if childhood stories and behavior science got together to give us lessons on how to change.


New York Times Best-selling Author of DRIVE and WHEN


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Are all of your "bad" habits actually bad?

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