Hosting an event?


Make it an unforgettable experience participants will utilize to build self-directed, healthy resources for the rest of their lives. 

Your people love working with you. They are also mightily stressed out and overwhelmed, so you offer lots of wellness benefits. You want to help, and they want to accept that help! But they can't figure out how to manage it... what with the pandemic, world events, and a tsunami of personal responsibilities. 


My workshops and keynotes reorient the way they understand and utilize preventative, healthy habits.


  • What is a "bad" habit?

  • What's getting in the way?

  • What makes it easier?

  • What if control isn't the answer?

  • What if "time management" isn't always the solution?

  • What if there is another way?


Imagine the relief they'd have with clarity about exactly what kind of "self-care" they need, access to it, and reduced internal battles over what they should be utilizing... but can't seem to find the time.

Imagine the cost savings of offering targeted benefits your folks can't wait to use and scaling back the rest—but you can't know what those are until your people know what they want and how to communicate it.


I have spoken at organizations and universities nationwide including Google, Vanderbilt University, Fe League, the Nashville Women’s March 2019, The University of the South, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Confluence, and the Girls to the Moon Conference.


Corporate and University Workshops

These workshops help participants and organizations build versatile systems that can be modified over time for sustainable clarity, stress relief, and improved health outcomes.


Book clubs and bookstore events

Get a group together, and ask me your toughest questions! I love connecting with book clubs and doing bookstore events —  virtually and in person.



If you are raising money or awareness for women's rights, equal justice, gun violence prevention, environmental protection, or animal rescue, I donate my time for these events.


Keynotes and Workshops

  • CONTROL: The Problem with "Self-Help" and What To Do About It

  • YOUR HABITS, YOUR WAY: Adaptable, Evidence-Based Tools for Stress Relief and Well-Being

  • HABIT CHANGE FOR NON-CONFORMISTS: The Science of Behavior Change for Freethinkers


How can I help your group?


You will learn:

  • Evidence-based research about how and why habits function in the brain

  • 4 Ways to Make Habit Change Easier

  • The big lie about "self-help"

  • What causes resistance to change and how to use that resistance to your advantage

  • A 3-step micro-tool to use in the tricky moments

  • What a Gap Ritual is, and how can it can increase your confidence

  • How to identify unique routines that will fundamentally improve your quality of life

  • How companies and universities can harness this collective awareness to offer the most impactful benefits.


The Results:

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 2.53.30 PM.png

"Sarah addresses not only nutrition and exercise obstacles but gives you a forum to work on root causes of self-sabotage and what's holding you back from success."

Katrina Kent

Vice President of Meetings and Event Strategy

Liberty Mutual Insurance


"Sarah is fantastic at finding out what students and faculty are thinking about and helping us understand how what we care about relates to personal and societal wellness. That would be enough, but she also helps us all move toward compassion, understanding, and peace. She is refreshingly upbeat and frank--so needed in these times!"

Sid Brown

Professor of Buddhism and Environmental Studies
The University of the South at Sewanee


"Our team has been raving about their sessions with Sarah—so much so that they are asking for additional ones. The framework has been so eye-opening!"

Kelly Walsh

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition