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Pressure to balance work with the vital needs of our personal lives can feel like a steady IV drip of chronic stress.

The workshops I lead help communities, businesses, non-profits, and individuals put systems in place to purge that stress—so they can honor their lives, work, productivity, and the values they hold dear, regardless of what obstacles come their way.

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I have spoken at organizations and universities nationwide including Google, Vanderbilt University, the Nashville Women’s March 2019, The University of the South, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Confluence, and the Girls to the Moon Conference.

Discussion Topics

  • The Control Conundrum: Why Changing Habits Seems So Hard and an Evidence-Based Approach to Make It Easier

  • Microdosing Wellness: Boosting Health and Productivity through Ten Areas of Well-Being

  • The Anatomy of a Habit: How Habits Can Help and What To Do When They're Doing More Harm Than Good

  • Teaching "Self-Care": A Creative Approach to Teaching Healthy Habits 

  • The Pleasure Principle: What Happens When Pleasure and Wellness Meet?

Corporate and University Workshops

For businesses and universities, these workshops help participants build personal systems and group dynamics for sustainable well-being and better creativity and collaboration. I also do private sessions with individual team members to clarify objectives, obstacles, and next steps. ​

Book clubs and bookstore events

I love connecting with book clubs and doing bookstore events virtually and in person (once that's an option again!). Contact me for availability, and please include your location and the number of people in your group.


If you are raising money or awareness for women's rights, equal justice, gun violence prevention, environmental protection, or animal rescue, I donate my time for these events. Please feel free to reach out.


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"Sarah addresses not only nutrition and exercise obstacles but gives you a forum to work on root causes of self-sabotage and what's holding you back from success."

Katrina Kent

Vice President of Meetings & Events, Liberty Mutual


"Sarah is fantastic at finding out what students and faculty are thinking about and helping us understand how what we care about relates to personal and societal wellness. That would be enough, but she also helps us all move toward compassion, understanding, and peace. She is refreshingly upbeat and frank--so needed in these times!"


Sid Brown

Professor of Buddhism and Environmental Studies

The University of the South at Sewanee


"Our team has been raving about their sessions with Sarah—so much so that they are asking for additional ones. The framework has been so eye-opening!"

Kelly Walsh

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition

Each of us, as individuals, have a reliable sense of what we need for our bodies and lives. The people at the nerve centers of companies and universities—large and small—have those instincts for their communities as well. Moving forward in functional ways that make us and our organizations better is a matter of asking the right questions and taking steady actions to support the good of the whole:

  • How do you build an underlying infrastructure to support your individual well-being and the common good of the people in your workplace, school, or group?

  • Are you able to identify the messages your body (or community) is sending and REROUTE?

  • What causes resistance to change, and how can it become exciting instead? 

  • How do small daily routines impact your productivity and satisfaction—and how can they be easier?

You have to be dedicated and successful in order to have imposter syndrome. If you never a

Looking for individual coaching instead? 

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