Modern life can feel like a steady IV drip of chronic stress.


The workshops I lead help communities, businesses, non-profits, and individuals put systems in place to purge the stress-induced sludge from their veins—so they can honor their lives, work, productivity, and the values they hold dear, regardless of what obstacles come their way.

  • How do you build a vital, underlying infrastructure to support your individual well-being and the common humanity of the people in your workplace, school, or group?

  • Are you able to identify the messages your body (or your body politic) is sending and REROUTE in case of emergency?

  • ​Is your corporate culture built to support the broader lives of your team members?

  • As you weather the financial storm of the covid-19 crisis, what coping mechanisms do you or your company have in place to handle the fallout for your employees and keep showing up for your clients or customers?


Each of us have the answers for our own bodies and lives, and the people at the nerve centers of companies—large and small—have those answers for their businesses. Moving forward is a matter of asking the right questions and taking steady actions to support the good of the whole..


Corporate and University Workshops

For corporations and universities, I can do group workshops to build personal systems and group dynamics for sustainable wellbeing and/or breakout sessions with individual team leaders to clarify objectives, obstacles, and next steps. Please reach out for more information.

Book clubs and/or bookstore events

I love connecting with book clubs and doing bookstore events in person or via video conference. Feel free to contact me for availability—please Include your location and the number of people in your group.


If you are a chapter of Moms Demand Action or doing other advocacy work, please contact me if you would like to do a fundraiser. I donate my time for these events.


I look forward to hearing from you!

You can find more information about private, individual coaching HERE.


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