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Sarah Hays Coomer is an author, Forbes Health columnist, Mayo Clinic- and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Sarah's books include: The Habit Trip: A Fill-in-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose (2020, Running Press), Physical Disobedience: An Unruly Guide to Health and Stamina for the Modern Feminist (2018, Seal Press) and Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness (2016, Rowman & Littlefield). Her work has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, Triathlete, and The Tennessean, among others. She has spoken at organizations and universities nationwide including Google, Vanderbilt University, the Nashville Women's March, The University of the South, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Confluence, and the Girls to the Moon Conference. Sarah lives in Nashville, TN with her family and two rescue pups, Ringo and Moon. 

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"The Habit Trip is a joy. Imagine if childhood stories got together with behavior science to give us lessons on how to change"

— Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of DRIVE and WHEN

"In The Habit Trip, Sarah Hays Coomer reveals a refreshing new way to approach positive change: listening to your gut, your heart, and your inner voice. If you've ever wanted the process of change to feel more playful, joyful, and rooted in self-trust—not self-criticism—this guide will show you the way."

— Kelly McGonigal, PhD, author of The Willpower Instinct and The Joy of Movement

"The Habit Trip is a literal and figurative roadmap to help us identify how to boost our well-being. Through engaging ideas and tools Sarah Hays Coomer guides us to answer the very questions that underlie the quality of life we all yearn to achieve. If you are ready to feel and live better, The Habit Trip will quickly launch you on to this inspiring path."

— Michelle Segar, Ph.D., MPH, author of No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You A Lifetime of Fitness​

"The Habit Trip is a fresh perspective on ways to consider, measure, and ultimately change the many micro-habits that shape our lives. Coomer does an incredible job weaving together science, narratives, and her own journey in this compelling and highly practical book, which actively invites the reader to engage. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make changes to their keystone habits."

— Ben Michaelis, Ph.D., author of Your Next Big Thing

"From playground to hospice, Physical Disobedience dives in to the intrinsic value of human bodies at work and at play—championing women’s bodies, in particular, as uniquely powerful in their diversity...This book decodes the many ways physiological fluency can support both happiness and progress. A must read for any man or woman who strives to stand on equal footing with everyone, regardless of gender."

— Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and When

"A critically important, exceptionally informative, deftly crafted, impressively insightful book, a must read for every woman of every age who is concerned with their physical appearance. Physical Disobedience is an essential addition to personal, community, and academic libraries."

— Midwest Book Review

“Inspiring and compassionate.”

— Publisher’s Weekly

"One of the most powerful, insightful, relatable, and inspiring books I have ever read. Lightness of Body and Mind is for anyone who has ever struggled with food addiction, workaholism, depression, or chronic pain. With ferocious honesty about her own struggles and those of her clients, Sarah Hays Coomer teaches us how to summon our own tour-de-force to initiate and maintain change.”

— Tracy Jackson, MD, Chronic Pain Physician, Vanderbilt University

"Reading Lightness of Body and Mind was revelatory for me. Sarah Hays Coomer will heal many broken spirits and burdened bodies with this book. The approach to healthy living and weight loss is practical, holistic, and accessible to anyone. More like a guide to a life well-lived rather than a diet book, Lightness of Body and Mind inspired me to embrace forward motion and endless possibility.”

— Emily Saliers, Indigo Girls

"Coomer’s insight is startling, and her approach is gentle but effective. She turns the entire pursuit of wellness upside down to make it not only manageable but genuinely enjoyable.”

— Nikki Reed, Actor/Producer, Twilight, Sleepy Hollow, Thirteen

"Sarah is fantastic at finding out what students and faculty are thinking about and helping us understand how what we care about relates to personal and societal wellness. That would be enough, but she also helps us all move toward compassion, understanding, and peace.  She is refreshingly upbeat and frank--so needed in these times!"

— Sid Brown, Professor of Religious Studies, The University of the South at Sewanee

"Sarah addresses not only nutrition and exercise obstacles but gives you a forum to work on root causes of self-sabotage and what's holding you back from success."

— Katrina Kent, Director of Events, T.D. Ameritrade

“Funny, engaging, and full of important insights and science.”

— Michelle Segar, Ph.D., Author of award-winning No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness

“Finally—a health and wellness manifesto for the rest of us.”

— Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body

"There is hope in this book. Physical Disobedience is a dystopian survival guide, a feminist's manual that debunks, redefines and brings true beauty and health into the light."

— Mary Gauthier, musician

"At times shocking, at times laugh out loud funny, and at times hugely enlightening and insightful, Physical Disobedience will help set you on the right tracks towards health and happiness—and provide you with plenty of practical tips and know-how on how best to stay there.”

— Emma-Kate Lidbury, professional triathlete, and six-time Ironman 70.3 champion

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