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Flying Solo

Your Way. Always.


If you like to figure things out on your own, this path is for you.

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The best place to start is to work through The Habit Trip!


The Habit Trip is a joyful, whimsical, fill-in-the-blank storybook—rooted in the science of behavior change.


👉 In this story, you are the lead character and one and only expert. This book puts you in charge with a detailed map to guide the way.


👉 The questions require some thought, but habit change shouldn't ever be painful!


👉 If you want someone to work through it with you, invite a friend to read with you or create your own book club! (Reach out if you'd like me to drop in!)

Other Books


Physical Disobedience: An Unruly Guide to Health & Stamina for the Modern Feminist is a manual for activism that starts with our most powerful asset—our bodies.


In Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness, you’ll learn how to put your weapons down once and for all, to build a body and life you can love.