Guided Journey

Let’s work together!


Pushing the boundaries around who you are doesn’t have to feel like hard labor.

It can feel like coming home. 


Health is about freedom, not control. Let’s find your path!


As a Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I help people step off the tilt-a-whirl of chronic stress by building concrete methods to identify: 

  • their current situation, 

  • the structure of the challenges they face, and 

  • how to manage or move past them in ways that feel freeing, not controlling.


Coaching is for you if:

You know what you want to do but can't seem to do it

You don't know what you want to do, but, whatever it is, it's something different.

You are tired of trying to manipulate your body and brain.

You are tirelessly devoted to your family, work, and community... and also losing your breath... and something has to give.

You want to value and strengthen your body, rather than loathing it.

You are no longer willing to question your own judgment, intellect, or worth based on other people's ideas about what beauty and power are supposed to look like.

You're game for a little upheaval, an adventure, an escapade, a few stumbles, and a caper or two while figuring out what you want to do—and getting the job done.

Coaching is not for you if:

  • You want someone to dictate a generic, one-size-fits-all plan for you.

  • You are facing an acute crisis that requires medical or psychological intervention.

  • You are happy and at peace just as you are!

My responsibility as a coach is to help you figure out what you need & want and how to make those desires a reality.

Your responsibility is to learn to listen to your body and build a reliable, personalized system of behavioral reinforcements to support your well-being and ambitions.


What You Can Expect From Me


Respect - In our sessions, you can expect my full attention and complete investment in you, your goals, and whatever challenges you face. I see strength, power, and beauty in every person I work with, and there is nothing I love more than helping you see the same.


Problem-solving - Together we will step back to get perspective on the issues you're facing and find solutions that work for you—from tiny daily routines to big life-altering decisions.


Honesty - I will always tell you the truth when you seek feedback. 


Support - Everyone is capable of change, and you are no exception. With 18 years of experience coaching and training people in all sorts of situations, I will help you assess your readiness for change, find what motivates you, weigh the drawbacks and benefits of shaking things up, and build the confidence you need to stretch into a life, career, and body that fit just right.


Confidentiality - Everything you say stays between us. I will never share or divulge any of the details of our sessions, as required by HIPAA laws.


Zero judgment - Your perspective is the juice that fuels this whole operation. The more honest you can be, the better, and you'll get zero judgment from me. Period.


What You Can Expect From Yourself

  • Learn how to combine wellness and pleasure. 

  • Build a foundation of reinforcements for change, stability, and peace of mind. 

  • Create an emergency plan for high-stress periods of time.

  • Set boundaries by identifying and acting on the truth. 

  • Connect your ambitions with what drives you.

  • Practice dosing yourself every day with relief. 

  • Listen to your body, give it what it needs, and be agile for whatever comes next.


The Process:


Coaching differs from therapy in that it's forward-facing. We're not looking back; we're looking forward. Together, we’ll zoom out to get perspective on what is frustrating and why, identify what healthy changes you’re craving, why they matter, and the steps you want to take to get there. 


Note! These will be steps you WANT to take, not ones you think you’re “supposed” to take.


The discovery process might include any or all of these ten areas of life that impact your health and productivity.


These areas dovetail and collide where you least expect, and trying to control them becomes an exhausting, never-ending game of whack-a-mole. 

Most of us are trying to whip ourselves into shape in one way or another—cut off at the neck. It gets beastly hot under that kind of fire. But if we stop talking down to ourselves for a minute and start checking in with the messages being sent up by central command — spoiler: that’s our bodies — we find we have a lot more agency than we thought. 

Through this work, your body ceases to be the enemy and becomes your greatest teacher. 


The Results:


If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with me… have a look at what some of my current and previous clients had to say:


"Sarah is so much more than a health coach. She’s an empowerment factory. Working with her has been life-changing. I've struggled with body image and my relationship with food MY ENTIRE LIFE. After working with Sarah, I finally understand what it means to be mindful of my body, positive about my wellness, and free from an all-or-nothing approach to health. It feels like being able to breathe, maybe for the first time ever... truly and deeply. It's an ongoing process, and with Sarah in my corner, I know I'll be supported throughout. I'm so grateful to have her in my life."

Wendy McClellan Anderson

Global Entertainment Executive


"Working with Sarah has been liberating and transformational. She helped me realize, after years of dieting, that I didn't have to deprive or punish myself, and there wasn't something wrong with me. I simply wasn’t listening to my body. What a wake up call! I’m finding greater peace every day, and as a result my choices are getting healthier. Sarah’s encouragement, wisdom, and genuine compassion have been life-changing. I’m forever grateful to have found her. "

Joy Sutton

Director of Communications & Marketing at American Addiction CentersHost, The Joy Sutton Show

Emily Rutzky-headshot.webp

"Working with Sarah, I have created a healthier approach to food, movement and exercise, and my overall health—but the most important work I have done is to rewrite what I believed those things should look like. She knows how to ask the right questions, share ideas and experience that help continue to move you in whatever direction you need to be going, and, most importantly, do it with true acceptance. I have been so lucky to have had Sarah as a friend, mentor, and coach. I recently walked into a new decade of life feeling more confident and secure in who I am, and my time with Sarah has played a big role in that. It has been one of the most important investments of my life."

Emily Rutzky

Designer & Creative Services Manager

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