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Raffle Winner! Plus, 7 Solutions For Fatigue

I am excited this week to share the Stress Relief Raffle winner!

Rachel Haselden is a social and health researcher in New Zealand.

She told me, "I’ve been a restless spirit and a bit of a gypsy, and am finally finding peace in my homeland." Having survived divorce, chronic pain with endometriosis, and depression, she describes herself as "strong, courageous, resilient, passionate, and mix of realistic and idealistic." She works a "hobby job" on Saturdays at a local independent bookshop, and her "patron saint is Frida Kahlo." (She has a Frida tattoo. You can partially see in the picture above. 🥰)

Rachel's photos on Instagram are proof that the internet contains all kinds of undiscovered gems. They're stunning! She says she is giving up her "‘bootcamp tough-love’ approach to life for a more intuitive approach with dollops of kindness and compassion... My life feels like it’s been about finding peace in the storm." I can see that pursuit in her photographs.

We had a wonderful, challenging talk about progress, what it means and how to measure it. While she sorts through some obstacles, she has taken up a new habit of "'microdosing wellness' by dancing to one song each day" in her living room with her headphones on.

Our talk made me think about a quote from the Greek philosopher, Hecato of Rhodes, about "progress." He wrote:

"What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself."

This, it seems to me, is the point of "self-care," no? To be a little kinder every day?

Thank you for sharing your story, Rachel! And thanks to everyone who filled out the survey!

The raffle is over, but if you'd like to consider your own stress relief options, please fill it out! Your insights shape the information I share in these letters and the services I build for workshops and future resources!

All the best,



Are you TIRED and not sure what to do about it? This week at Forbes, we're talking about fatigue. You'll find 7 possible causes and solutions for fatigue, PLUS a quick access guide for tired, busy people. You can read the article HERE. Info includes:

  • Clinical causes: Meds or underlying disease

  • S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

  • Sleep: So many factors can help!

  • Exercise: Research shows that LOW-intensity exercise can increase energy by 20% and decrease fatigue by 65%.

  • Stress: Reliable doses of stress relief can work wonders.

  • Nutrition: Food that feels both nutritious and comforting is a secret weapon. Eating frequently enough matters too.

  • Community: Who can help at work or home so you can get a break (or a power nap)? Delegate, partner up, or find downtime with your people.

The easiest place to start is to figure out what feels urgent. From there, you've got lots of options.

If you'd like to send your own question to me at Hey, Health Coach, send me an email! And don't forget your sleuthy pseudonym. 😎


The Habit Trip audiobook is available now!

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