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How to add movement to a sedentary workday

This week at Forbes Health, I answered a question from someone who has decided to be "realistic" about the fact that if they sign up for a gym membership, they simply won't go.

Fair enough! Better to be real than to live in denial. 🤷‍♀️

They have a sedentary job and want to figure out ways to "multitask" at work... to get more exercise without setting aside a separate time for it.

Research shows people in sedentary jobs are at much higher risk for chronic diseases than folks who work on their feet, but closing that gap is easier than you might think!

In a study that followed more than 480,000 people for nearly 13 years, people in sedentary jobs saw huge health benefits from moving an extra 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Researchers have also found those minutes can be split up throughout the day. You don't have to do it all at once!

Check out the article to learn how to make movement a consistent part of your workday, as well as eight accessible ways to get moving:

  • Some you may have considered already. (Desk exercises or standing desks.)

  • Others might be new to you. (Rope your co-workers into a challenge that's about consistency rather than ability.)

Let me know what works! I'd love to hear from you.




Grabbable, Healthy Snacks

Thanks to everyone who replied with your favorite snack recipes!

Here are five high fiber, high protein options to satisfy both sweet and savory cravings.

Depending on the recipe, you can adjust many of these by swapping out different nut butters, seasonings, vegetables, meats or vegan "meats."

Many of the links will also lead you to lots of other great recipes if you feel like exploring new ones to suit your tastes.

Other simple options folks reported include:

  • Avocado toast

  • Almond butter on apples

  • Low-fat cottage cheese or greek yogurt on your favorite fruit

  • Hummus and veggies or seeded crackers

  • Sharp white cheddar, sliced honeycrisp apples, and honeycomb with triscuits, almonds and clementine wedges


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