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What are the benefits of exercise beyond weight loss?

As we've all been witnessing the HISTORIC (and bizarre) confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson. I've been trying to selectively choose moments for news, for work and family, and for sheer distraction.

This has led me to my local plant nursery to explore the difference between rhododendrons, azaleas, and indian hawthorne. Conclusion? I'm clueless, but happily distracted by the quest.

It also led to Atlanta where my husband, son, and I ran the cultural gamut from Six Flags to MLK Jr.'s memorial to the High Art Museum, where we discovered Barack and Michelle's official portraits were visiting on tour! Say what??

Between skee ball at Ponce City Market and the aquarium, I was writing back to a reader at Forbes, answering a question about ways to exercise OUTSIDE of a gym. They asked:

In my answer, you'll find:

  • the MANY benefits of exercise (including "a 12-year study of over 400,000 people that showed just 15 minutes of walking a day can decrease your risk of heart disease by 33% and increase your life expectancy by three years!),

  • the definition of NEAT (the energy you burn doing regular daily activities) and what a huge difference it makes for your health, and

  • a LONG list of gym alternatives if you're not into gym-life.

In Atlanta, we walked 4-5 miles a day, just exploring. It was exhausting and thrilling and didn't have the slightest thing to do with going to the gym. If you're interested in finding some engaging, new ways to get moving. Check out the column and see what other ideas it triggers for you!

All the best,



A quick note for those interested in Ukraine: A professor at the Yale School of Management has created a comprehensive list of companies that have pulled out of Russia and those that are digging in with full support. His list went viral and has evidently driven a "mass corporate exodus from Russia."

Directing our consumer dollars is one way to help! We may not be able to avoid all of the companies. (For instance, Pfizer is still working there, but that seems reasonable for the well-being of humanity and the Russian population.) But we can make a difference by supporting companies that have taken a stand and avoiding those that haven't.

It's heartening to see that 352 companies got A or B ratings, while only 87 got a D or F. WE SEE YOU RALPH LAUREN.



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