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How can I keep up with self-care when the news is so bad?

I know a lot of us have been thinking about the news and how to balance staying informed, being useful, and maintaining health and sanity.

The conflict in Ukraine and mind-numbing injustice here in the U.S. have been on a LOT of people's minds, so I decided to fast-track a question that came into Forbes last week:

Yes! I do, thanks to stellar research from trauma and PTSD experts. Here's the deal...


The news is in the palm of our hands. We have total access and (seemingly) zero control over what's happening. Turns out, that's a problem for our nervous systems. It leaves us stewing in adrenaline and cortisol.


According to research, there’s a physiological remedy for feeling helpless. Physical movement and/or taking meaningful action—large or small—can purge stress hormones and soothe the nervous system.

Under trying circumstances, "self-care" can feel selfish (or useless), but, in fact, moving our bodies or helping others can physiologically ease our bodies and minds. That's true whether we're talking about Ukraine, a bad breakup, book bans, or stressful work situations. It gives us power to channel stress into something useful... even therapeutic.

If you can make a habit of filling those needs, "you might find that 'self-care' and care for others have a way of weaving together. Both reduce suffering."

Wondering where to begin? In this week’s column, I discuss:

  • the science behind coping,

  • why we "doomscroll," and

  • how to identify actionable remedies.

You can read it HERE.



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Looking for ways to help? This article from The Guardian offers numerous ways to help the people of Ukraine.

For a list of organizations working in a variety of other areas — from addiction to animal protection, racial equity to women's health — click here.



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