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What's worthy of your attention?

Attention is one of the most valuable things we have to give: how often we read the news, what we look at on our screens, who we talk and listen to, what we read, and even what we think about.

I read a not-very-good book about attention last week. At first it was interesting, the author wrote extensively about her rocky relationship with Adderall, an amphetamine often prescribed for ADHD—but then her attention began to wander and the book never really made a point or illuminated much of anything.

It was disappointing, and I recognized I had just given 6 hours of my attention to something that didn't merit it. But that revelation, in itself, turned out to be useful. It made me realize my role and responsibility in the choice to start and continue reading.

Attention centers our experience. Or, as poet Mary Oliver put it, "Attention is the beginning of devotion."

So I'm curious...

What is worthy of your attention today, and what isn't?

It occurs to me that we have quite a bit of power to shape our lives by directing our attention to people, places, news sources, and entertainment worthy of our devotion.

Wishing you a peaceful Tuesday, with your attention on whatever is worthy of it.

All the best,



In this week's Hey, Health Coach, "Couchbound" wants to know:

"As the pandemic wears on, my husband and I are turning into a single lump on the couch, watching HBO... I just end up doing whatever he's doing, which is always watching TV at night... How can I get back to my own interests while I'm stuck in the house with a couch surfer?"

We dig into Newton's First Law of Motion and how to use friction, momentum, and inertia to change things up. And it all begins with attention. Sitting right there on the couch, Couchbound can spend time lamenting their husband's couch surfing habit or dreaming up what they'd rather be doing instead. You can read the answer HERE.

Send your own question to me at Forbes' Hey, Health Coach! All questions remain anonymous. 😎


I have worked with a lot of clients in corporate environments over the years. Some thrive, while others feel like they have to fight for recognition, flexibility, or compensation. Work has a HUGE impact on our lives, so I'm excited to be part of this panel later this week for Fe League to talk about When Work Works For Women!

Fe is a community of corporate, agency, and entrepreneurial leaders across a variety of industries who are invested in supporting women in the workplace.

This meeting is free to attend. It takes place Thursday, February 24 at 12 PM Eastern/11 AM Central. You can register HERE.

Panelists include:

✨ Cherita Ellens, MBA: President + CEO of Women Employed

✨ Bev Kaye: Founder of BevKaye&Co.

✨ J.Lynn Watkins-Asiyanbi: Board Chair of Women Employed

✨ Sarah Hays Coomer, NBC-HWC: Columnist at Forbes



Please add sarah@sarahhayscoomer.comto your address book to make sure these emails always come to your inbox!

If a friend wants to microdose wellness with you, they can sign up here.

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