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Wellness coaching focuses on ten areas of behavioral health that impact your well-being and productivity. 


Identifying which areas of our lives are thriving and figuring out how to find relief in the areas that need extra T.L.C. is always a challenging task, but it has become even more daunting in this era of cultural reckoning, social distancing, working from home, and financial and emotional instability. 


Through coaching, you will identify what matters most to you, what obstacles you're facing, and how to move forward in ways that come naturally. This approach is not prescriptive. It builds on your inherent knowledge about who you are, what you need and want, and what changes are both manageable and pleasurable—personally, professionally, or physically. You are the expert in your own story. My job is to help you identify what you want and how to achieve it. 

  • What do you need to feel well?

  • What does "wellness" even mean to you?

  • What matters most to you, and what support systems do you have in place to reinforce and build on those values?

  • How does your professional life impact your well-being and vice versa? 

  • How do sleep, relationships, or daily rhythm contribute to your health and productivity?

  • What do food and exercise have to do with supporting your ambitions in other areas of life?

  • What progress can you make when you're hitting your stride, and what coping mechanisms do you have on hand for when everything falls apart?


Please note that this is not therapy! It's a chance to discover how you respond to stress and how to utilize your body and daily routine to alleviate it—so you can thrive, get focused, and get on with what matters. Once you understand the tools, you can apply them broadly over time, whenever new challenges arise.

Monthly coaching packages are personalized and tailored to you and your needs. Feel free to reach out for more information or a free 20-minute consultation.







Personal training sessions are 100% focused on you: your body, your needs, and what is going to help you get stronger. All bodies of all sizes, ages, and abilities are welcome. I see extraordinary beauty in human bodies of all types, and I love working with people at all fitness levels. Because of Covid-19, all sessions are done virtually. If you have equipment in your home (a yoga mat, bands, dumbbells, or a kettle ball), that's great. If not, we can work around it! Personal training includes:


  • Fitness and goal assessment

  • Personalized workouts including weight training, cardio, and yoga/pilates

  • Safety and focus on proper form

  • Meditation and self-relaxation exercises upon request

  • Techniques to incorporate into your daily life that will nurture sustainable wellbeing on your own time



$400 for a package of five 55-minute sessions

$250 for a package of five 25-minute sessions 



5-minute, gentle workout videos can be found here on my YouTube channel. These are totally DIY, just me and my cell phone (back when my business was called Strength Outside In). They aren't polished at all, but I'm leaving them up because they are great for beginners who want to maintain strength and flexibility at home. All you need is a mat, a floor, and five minutes. They can be repeated multiple times or mixed with other videos for greater benefit. (Video #10 is 10 minutes of stretching.) 


For more information about corporate or non-profit events and workshops, "lunch and learn" talks, fundraisers, or book clubs CLICK HERE.

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