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A Conversation with Claire Moynihan

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Naama Haviv interview with author, Sarah Hays Coomer

Claire Moynihan is the CEO of Partners for Potential, a non-profit that helps disABLEd refugees to develop self-sufficiency and economic independence in 15 languages. She has also worked with USAID in Cambodia, Senior Home Care in Boston, and Habitat for Humanity in Colorado. Claire will be hosting the Los Angeles release party for Physical Disobedience, and I'm told we will have a beautiful view of the city! I'm so grateful she is opening her home to us!

If you could have any three, living women over for dinner, who would they be and why?

Michelle Obama (because she is a class act), Hillary Clinton (because she is a warrior), Betty White (because we would all laugh our asses off) - the three together would be a mighty fine time.

What are a few things that currently infuriate you?

Climate change deniers, children being ripped apart from their families

And a few that inspire you?

My kids, the many brave women speaking their truth

When anger or frustration builds, do you feel it in your body? If so, how or where?

Yes. Head, neck, and shoulders.

How do you relieve those symptoms? What are your fail-safe, behavioral release valves?

Running, lavender oil, hot tub.

What kind of exercise, alternative therapy, or play have you always wanted to try but never got around to it?

Soul cycle!

Describe something beautiful (or beautifully disobedient) that you saw recently.

Serena Williams rocking her tutu on the tennis court!

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Claire Moynihan interview by author, Sarah Hays Coomer

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