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A Conversation with Crystal Gurr

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Naama Haviv interview with author, Sarah Hays Coomer

Crystal Gurr is retired... young! She used to co-own a motorcycle shop in the Mission district of San Francisco called Scuderia. She has been volunteering once a week for the last 12 years with Project Open Hand, providing meals for seniors and the critically ill. She also volunteers with Zen Hospice Project, a place I love and write about in the last third of my book. She will be hosting the San Francisco release of Physical Disobedience at The Loft in the Mission. I can't think of a better spot than above a motorcycle shop!

If you could have any three, living women over for dinner, who would they be and why?

Christiane Amanpour: brave, strong, bold, intelligent. Ruth "Badass" Bader Ginsburg: brilliant, funny, powerful. Cindy Sherman: creative, thoughtful, insightful.

What are a few things that currently infuriate you?

Donald Trump. The shallowness of much of social media.

And a few that inspire you?

Young people making a difference. The genuine goodness I find in people as I travel all over the globe.

When anger or frustration builds, do you feel it in your body? If so, how or where?

In my chest and in my stomach.

How do you relieve those symptoms? What are your fail-safe, behavioral release valves?

Good friends. A good massage. A hike.

What kind of exercise, alternative therapy, or play have you always wanted to try but never got around to it?

Auto racing.

Describe something beautiful (or beautifully disobedient) that you saw recently.

I see beautiful things every day! My cats sleeping, the cactus blooming on my deck, a stunning evening view of San Francisco from Sausalito, any of my beautiful friends, people laughing and enjoying each other. I could go on and on.

[Sarah here: Can we talk about the amazingness of this photo she picked? I don't know if it feels like RAGE or a stretch or a yawn... or maybe it's all of that in one! It's a dragon cat, and it makes me want to breathe fire!]

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Crystal Gurr interview by author, Sarah Hays Coomer

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