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A Conversation with Kierith Jones

Naama Haviv interview with author, Sarah Hays Coomer

Kierith Jones is a human rights lawyer and organizer for Greenpeace. She co-hosted the San Francisco release of Physical Disobedience and launched the conversation by talking about what it means to be starting over and how it feels to keep going when things don't work out liked you hoped, even after your best efforts. She is #beauty.

If you could have any three, living women over for dinner, who would they be and why?

Mary J Blige, Michelle Obama, and Gloria Steinem. They are women driven by passion and persistence who rose above the limitations of their childhoods to build successful lives and impact the world in profound ways.

What are a few things that currently infuriate you?

Policies that have a disparate impact on women and minorities. Dedication to the death of complexity in public discourse

And a few that inspire you?

Ordinary, working class folks who make time in their busy lives to take action in any way they can to make the world a better place.

When anger or frustration builds, do you feel it in your body? If so, how or where?

Yes, I feel it everywhere, like my blood is boiling. I can't sit still, and I need to get the energy out.

How do you relieve those symptoms? What are your fail-safe, behavioral release valves?

Breathing meditation; intense mind/body exercise; walking on the beach; watching the ocean; yoga.

What kind of exercise, alternative therapy, or play have you always wanted to try but never got around to it?

Surfing. I used to be a big surfer but haven't gone for ~10years. I miss it and want to start again, but I haven't.

Describe something beautiful (or beautifully disobedient) that you saw recently.

Beautiful: yesterday's sunset. Beautifully disobedient: In July, twelve climbers created an aerial bridge blockade for two days & successfully prevented a tar sands oil tanker from leaving port. As a result, endangered orcas were able to safely complete their migration. Also, because of this action—combined with multiple other coordinated protests and actions in Canada and around the world—the Trans-mountain pipeline expansion plans were squashed by a Canadian court.

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Kierith interview by author, Sarah Hays Coomer

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