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3 Stories about breaking free—of yo-yo dieting, loneliness, and gender discrimination

I hope you had a restful holiday weekend and didn't do anything even remotely related to work. I know this week can be one of the craziest of the year, so I'll cut straight to it!

Below, you'll find three articles about BREAKING cycles—of dieting, loneliness, and gender stereotypes:

  1. My Forbes article this week about the physical and psychological effects of yo-yo dieting and how to break free;

  2. Reporting from The New York Times about the profound benefits of checking-in with friends (a simple text goes a long way); and

  3. A conservation program in Botswana that is training the first female rangers to protect wildlife.

Speaking of breaking things, I've spent the last few weeks immersed in Beyonce's new album, Renaissance. I'm sure this isn't news to many of you, but for those who haven't checked it out yet, if you need a quick boost, you can't go wrong with track #6, (You Can't) Break My Soul. 😎

All the best,



Yo-Yo Dieting

If we are connected on Instagram, you probably saw my post last week about a client who told me:

"I just had a week like people who don't have eating issues must experience. I'm comfortable with food, calmer, and I don't feel deprived at all. I can hardly believe it."

That is what I strive for with my clients—not only with regard to eating and exercise, but with stress relief and everything it touches, as well. My ultimate goal is that they reach a place where they simply don't have to think about it anymore. They know what feels right for them and how to flex when life spins off in unexpected directions—no need for drastic or unsustainable diets.

The evidence on yo-yo dieting shows that it is harmful to physical and mental health, and it tends to make weight maintenance (and weight loss) more difficult over time. But I know from personal experience and from listening to so many of you that taking a different approach can be easier said than done. I hope this article gives you a place to start breaking the cycle.

You can send your own, anonymous Hey, Health Coach question to me HERE!


Checking on Your People

New research shows that we routinely underestimate the positive impact of texting or calling to check on friends—for us and for the folks on the receiving end.

In an article titled, Text your friends. It matters more than you think, The New York Times reported on 13 studies including 5900 people that showed "those who initiated contact significantly underestimated how much it would be appreciated. The more surprising check-ins (from those who hadn’t been in contact recently) tended to be especially powerful."

People often choose to focus on diet and exercise for "wellness", but friendship is a fundamental component of personal health, as well. Check on your friends, y'all. It makes a difference!


Women on Patrol

Last, the Great Plains Foundation is working to protect wildlife and over 1 million acres of land in Southern Africa for animals to roam, including elephants, rhinos, and big cats.

In 2022, they recruited two dozen local women for the first Female Ranger Units to work as "early detection forces against illegal wildlife crime."

"We need teams who will show up and patrol, understand tracks and routes, know the landscape and surrounding communities intimately, and then to call in the armed teams that governments provide. And there is no reason at all that women should not be given equal opportunities to protect wildlife."

By training and paying women, the organization is shifting gender stereotypes and empowering women and their communities in a mission to preserve vast swaths of land for future generations. Per usual, when organizations invest in women, everyone benefits.


If a friend would benefit from Microdosing Wellness, they can sign up here.

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