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Is coconut oil a "superfood" or just a fad? 🥥

On my way to the doctor's office yesterday, I watched an enormous, red pick-up truck aggressively tailgating a woman and her elderly mother as they tried to make their way through a multi-directional freeway interchange.

It made my skin crawl. It felt like a metaphor for the way so many of my clients have to navigate unnecessarily toxic work environments, chronic pain, fatigue, injuries, and overwhelm with so much violence in the world.

We can't control who we encounter on the freeway or what happens in so many other parts of our lives.

Under that pressure, people tell me they feel like they have to choose:

Do I fight back, or do I give in?

Fighting back can be exhausting (and/or dangerous), and giving in can feel oppressive or hopeless.

When folks are feeling this way, we consider one more valid option: changing lanes.

Sometimes direct confrontation is the only responsible thing to do, but, more often than not, it's possible to keep moving in healthy ways—sidestepping destructive people or situations—while maintaining forward motion 👉 and progress.

In this scenario, the woman driving had to wait for an 18-wheeler to pass on her right before she could make a move. She was boxed in for a minute, but she watched for her opportunity and took it as soon as she found an opening. Hopefully, she and her mom got where they were going unharmed. Better to get there safely than to be pulled into a battle with a driver who didn't deserve their time or energy.

For what it's worth, if someone or something is trying to hook you into an unhealthy situation, I wonder if there might be a way to sidestep and leave them choking on your fairy dust. 💋

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy or Not?

Like so many health trends, the story of dietary coconut oil can be complicated and confusing.

Is it a "superfood" or a damaging source of saturated fat?

The debate over this one is wild. Several scientific studies were mischaracterized a few years back, and now people have STRONG opinions, with some folks eating it by the spoonful. 👀 I looked at the research and spoke with a registered dietician to find out the truth.

Bottom line?

It depends what you're replacing. Coconut oil is better for your heart than butter, and it's an essential flavor for many cuisines around the world. But evidence shows that, for general use, the unsaturated fats mentioned in my previous column on the healthiest cooking oils—such as olive, avocado and canola—are usually a healthier choice.

To learn all the pros and cons of cooking with of coconut oil, click here!

And, as always, send your own question to me any time at Forbes' Hey, Health Coach.


Daylight Savings

Quick reminder! This weekend is the end of daylight savings time.

Don't forget to take care of yourself when the time changes.

If you go to bed at the usual time, you might get an extra hour of sleep that first night (bonus!), but the days will feel shorter; and coming home from work in the dark might not feel great.

Tried and true tips for weathering the time change include:

  • Change all the clocks before you go to bed on Saturday night.

  • Try to maintain a reliable bedtime routine. (This works for adults as much as for kids!)

  • Consider stepping out for some daylight first thing in the morning or grab a "happy light" for a few minutes of early light therapy.

  • Keep moving. Exercise can help you adjust and, ultimately, sleep better at night.

  • Try using a sleep mask or hanging blackout curtains in your bedroom if the sun comes up before you're ready to rise and shine.


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