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Swagger, heart health, preventing shin splints, and an Alaskan bear cam. 😎

On NPR last week, I heard StoryCorps' recording of Charlie Sampson, the first Black man to win bull riding's world championship.

Talking with his son about why he retired and how he gets his thrills now, Mr. Sampson acknowledged he got hurt one too many times. He joked that throughout his career he broke every bone in his body except his nose and, in the end, found more satisfaction in family than in competition.

Photo: Charlie Sampson's Facebook

"I had two beautiful sons," he said, "and four grandkids that I love. My joy now is just to see them be happy."

As you can probably guess, I'm not a fan of bull riding. I'm an animal lover through-and-through, but—as StoryCorps usually does—this 2-minute audio clip made me stop and think about how much we all have in common and how much little things matter.

In a week where the Supreme Court decided against affirmative action, cancelled student loan forgiveness, and allowed businesses to deny service to LGBTQ customers (and likely many other folks)—Sampson's story made me think about ACCESS.

Who gets access to resources and to respect?

In the spirit of Sampson's rodeo, one of my favorite passages from The Habit Trip is:

This Fourth of July week, I wish you SWAGGER...

👉 the freedom to show up exactly as you are in this world and the ability to find unapologetic joy in the people, places, and creatures you love.

Mr. Sampson overcame all kinds of obstacles to pursue the career he loved before maxing out on injuries and realizing how much satisfaction he could find in a new and different kind of life.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to find that satisfaction sooner than later in my own life—in the simple pleasures all around me—and avoid as many injuries as possible along the way.

It starts with identifying what gives us joy and building on that. What does that look like for you, and how are you prioritizing it?

Much love from me to you in the mid-summer heat.



Alaska's Live Bear Cam

If you could use an escape, here is a live nature camera in Katmai National Park, Alaska, where you can watch the salmon swimming upstream and bears waiting on shore for the perfect fish.

The shot toggles back and forth between two cameras, so if you don't see anything but rapids when you first sign on, check back periodically for the bears in action!


Protecting Your Heart Health

How is your heart, friends? Heart disease is impacted by both genetics and lifestyle, but there is a LOT that can be done to reduce your risk.

In this Hey, Health Coach column, we explore 7 ways to take care of your heart, including:

➡️ two well-researched diets that contribute to heart health

➡️ what to know about sleep, alcohol, and tobacco, and

➡️ what kind of screenings to discuss with your doctor.


How to Heal and Prevent Shin Splints

Getting back to exercise after a long break can trigger all kinds of obstacles. One of the most frustrating is shin splints. 😖

Research shows a few ways to heal painful shins include:

➡️ Cutting back on high-impact exercise

➡️ Applying ice several times a day to sore areas to reduce inflammation

➡️ Incorporating shin and calf stretches and strengthening exercises

➡️ Updating your running shoes.

In this column, we look at what kinds of shoes and exercises can help and how to prevent shin splints in the future.

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