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How can I bake with gluten-free flour?

The Scoop on Gluten-Free Flours

A gluten-free diet is not for everyone. In fact, packaged gluten-free products are often high in sugar and low in fiber and protein, but, thankfully for people with Celiac Disease or gluten-sensitivity, lots of tasty, nutritent-rich options are available for baking at home.

This week at Forbes Health, I answered a question from a reader whose new daughter-in-law is gluten-free. Baking is the reader's "love language," and she wanted to know how to use gluten-free flour to make family favorites everyone could eat.

To learn how gluten-free flours differ in taste, nutritional content, and what recipes might be best served by different combinations, you can find all the info HERE!


Alaskan Hut-to-Hut Travel

Smithsonian Magazine published an article on the U.S. Forest Service's plans to "add dozens of new public-use cabins to Alaska’s trail systems. It’s the biggest cabin expansion project in Alaska in the last 50 years—and it stands to make the state’s wilderness even more accessible to hikers looking for lightweight, long-distance travel."

The cabins will be open to the public during the day but available for private reservations at night. As the article notes, this approach beautifully marries the desire to explore uncharted, pristine landscapes with the safety and warmth of finding shelter.


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