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How to customize a 7-day workout plan.

This week we're talking logistics about how to build a daily exercise routine for your actual life.

First though... is exercising every day even a good idea?

As always, the answer depends on you, but—fundamentally—our bodies need to move to stay healthy.

Even folks who are stuck in bed need nurses to stretch and move them, so for those of us who are healthy and on our feet, moving more is generally better!

➡️ A huge research study that followed 116,000 U.S. adults over 30 years found that people who did 300-600 minutes of moderate physical activity (or 150-300 minutes of vigorous activity) each week had much lower risk of mortality and chronic diseases.

But that's a lot! It's DOUBLE the standard recommendation, and—let's be honest—those numbers can be overwhelming. 👀

More exercise is better in any amount, but how can we get it? And what kind is best?

This week at Forbes Health, I got a question from Creaky in Chicago, who reported being "not in shape but not exactly out of shape either." They wanted to know how to create a 7-day workout plan to get moving every day rather than "going all out a few times a week."

In my 20 years of experience as a trainer and coach, this daily approach is one of the most sustainable ways to maintain a basic fitness routine. If a little daily movement is simply how you roll, you're much less likely to forget or put it off for tomorrow.

In the column, we cover:

  • five essential puzzle pieces for weekly workouts

  • a sample 7-day workout plan

  • how to fit it into your life and change it up over time.

Don't get discouraged by the number of recommended minutes. Your workouts can be 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or longer to suit your needs. The most important thing is that they are rewarding, fun, consistent, and they help you feel better every day.

👉 If motivation and consistency are challenges for you, the RELIEF BY DESIGN course was built specifically to help with that.

Accountability and support are hugely helpful, too. If you invite a friend to take the course with you, you can meet up for a weekly walk (in person or on the phone) to discuss your insights and progress.

The course is 15 weeks (if you do one module per week), and each video is less than 12 minutes, plus worksheets to make it your own. How different would you feel heading into summer if you took healthy steps every week between now and three months from now?

Let's get moving! Everything's better with less pain, stiffness, and frustration. Send questions if you've got 'em. I'm here to help!


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