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How to find a new hobby! Also, give your body image a boost. 💪

Art, dance, music, theater, writing... turns out they do more than just make us happy. They have the potential to heal. 😊

In a new book called Your Brain on Art, authors Ivy Ross (Google) and Susan Magsamen (Johns Hopkins University) explore the emerging science of neuroaesthetics—how the arts promote mental and physical health.

Scientists are only just now cracking the surface of how art of all kinds can have such a profound impact on well-being, but I think it's safe to say that many of us have felt that connection intuitively since we were kids.

It's easy to forget, though!

This week at Forbes, I had the opportunity to answer a question from a reader who was "horrified" at a work event when they were asked, "What are your hobbies?"... and had nothing to say.

Having thought about how much they struggle to step away from professional obligations for something fun, they wrote in:

This person is DEFINITELY not alone.

Many of my clients are immersed in work every spare minute, especially those who are entrepreneurs or in leadership roles.

If you can relate, today's Hey, Health Coach column offers:

👉 FOUR questions to help you identify what you hope to get out of a hobby

👉 NINE categories of hobbies to explore

👉 How to make your new hobby easier

If this inspires you to try something new (or get back to something old), please reply to this email to let me know!

I'd love to hear about it.


P.S. You can send your own anonymous question to me at Forbes. Just CLICK HERE and don't forget to leave a pseudonym!


Is swapping your favorite food for a plant-based, grain-free version healthier?

This Washington Post article gives a quick round-up of how to judge if "health" foods are actually healthier for you. They cover plant-based creamers, meats, grain-free cereals, rice, and pastas.

In my experience with clients, some of these can be great alternatives to going "cold turkey" with a dietary change. For instance, I've had folks choose to eat BBQ rice chips instead of Doritos or dig into a bowl of lentil pasta instead of regular.

Though some "health foods" are just as processed or high in calories as the original, many can help you get more fiber, reduce cravings or blood sugar spikes, or discover new brands, snacks or meal options you might love.


How to give your body image a boost

Studies show that conventional beauty standards can have a huge impact on body image. When we feel bad about our appearance, we hide from opportunities, and that creates a drag on our personal, professional and economic might.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, last week on Instagram, I shared an early Hey, Health Coach column that's one of my favorites. In it, "Bad Body Image" wrote in to say:

I consider myself a strong, accomplished woman. I have a masters degree and a good job, but I spend huge amounts of time thinking about what’s wrong with my body. I’m single and want to start dating again. How can I learn to love my body before seeking love elsewhere?

In my answer, we explore how to build a positive body image, set your own standards and play around with personal power... just in time for summer. 😎


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