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Impostor Syndrome: Why it happens and how to overcome it

"Impostor syndrome" isn't actually a syndrome at all according to the American Psychological Association. It's a phenomenon caused by:

  1. High Standards - Having a strong work ethic and a tendency toward perfectionism

  2. Being Isolated or Unique in the Workplace - It shows up frequently in people who are defying the odds (ex: the only women, person of color, immigrant, or first generation college student in the room).

  3. Mental Health Challenges - Though not a diagnosis on it's own, Impostor Syndrome tends to run alongside other mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

Estimates vary widely about how many people are impacted, but I can tell you from the studies I've read and my anecdotal experience as a coach, the numbers are high! Some research shows up to 82% of the workforce. This week at Forbes, "Insecure at the Office" wrote in to ask: How can I overcome impostor syndrome? We explore how and why it happens, and I offer two specific exercises to help combat it. You can see the reader's full question and my answer HERE! Have you tried something to effectively manage impostor syndrome or advised someone in a way that helped? Have you struggled with this in your own life? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Just reply to this email to reach me directly!



Photo: New York Times

As the cold weather creeps in, it's time to stock up on some good books! The New York Times list of new releases coming in November is full of diverse options for whatever mood you're in, From memoirs by Will Smith, famed artist Ai Weiwei, and political phenom Huma Abedin (longtime Hillary Clinton aide)... to the origin story of The 1619 Project, a wide range of novels, and a new essay collection by Nashville's own Ann Patchett—options abound! Find the full list with brief descriptions HERE.


The Habit Trip audiobook is coming soon!! I've been working hard in the studio to get it ready for you. Stay tuned for details as the release gets closer! The storybook format of this book made it especially fun to read, and I hope it will give you something fun, concrete and self-directed to hold onto as we head into the new year. It's your trip, your way.


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