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Is MSG actually bad for you?

Today we've got a controversial topic... What's the deal with MSG?

I got this question from Forbes Health and was surprised by the research I found!

👉 A small portion of the population has sensitivity to MSG in very high doses (usually when it’s administered in liquid form without food), but the evidence shows that it’s not as bad for us as it has been made out to be.

Cara Harbstreet, a registered dietician who specializes in intuitive eating, told me, in some cases, it can be a healthy substitute for folks who are trying to cut back on sodium.

👉 Also, some of the fire behind false claims about MSG has been fueled by attempts to marginalize Asian culture and food.

MSG is a simple amino acid that exists naturally in whole foods, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, and aged cheeses. It's abundant in breast milk, as well, and is widely used as an additive in processed foods and lots of fast food restaurants.

It’s not just in Chinese food, and we all might be eating more of it than we realize.

I learned a lot researching this one. If you’ve ever wondered about MSG, check it out. It’s a quick read and could be a fun dinner party conversation if you want to kick off a debate!

Wishing you a great week. Reach out any time with questions!



Photo: Linda Stanley Wilson via The Washington Post

Canadian swimmer, seamstress, and mom of three 70-somethings and one rescue cat, Betty Brussel, just broke three world records in freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke.

She's 99.

According to The Washington Post, she started swimming at age 66 and will be turning 100 in July.

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