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Moving through chronic pain (and chronic stress!)

The past few years have been relentlessly stressful for a long list of reasons, some universal, others deeply personal.

In a March 2022 poll, the American Psychological Association reported that 87% of American adults said, "it feels like there has been a constant stream of crises over the last two years" and 73% said they are "overwhelmed by the number of crises facing the world right now." Those are huge numbers, so I guess there's some solace in knowing we're not alone.

I wrote my second book, Physical Disobedience, to help relieve the impact stress has on our physical bodies thereby supporting our ability to show up for the causes we care about—whole, rested and unbowed by pain. But stress, of course, fires up the nervous system and can add to our pain.

Thankfully, there's an accessible remedy: movement. Movement (taking action) reduces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and increases mood-boosters like serotonin and dopamine. Proper treatment and mechanics can also reduce our pain

This week at Forbes, a reader named Achy Breaky Body wrote in to find out how to keep moving while dealing with aches and pains. In the article below, you'll find:

  • A clear definition of chronic pain (spoiler: it lasts 6 months or longer)

  • What happens when you avoid the pain

  • Insight from Warren Buffet about preventative health (and cars)

  • 3 questions to keep exercise interesting (even when you're hurting)

  • One way all bodies are predictable

  • Steps to start healing

Mostly though, today I want to say this:

Whatever the source of your pain, how can you meet it with repetitive acts of healing that feel (at least a little) like relief?

Take care of yourself, please! Whatever that means for you. And if you're able, check on your friends, too. We're all in this chaotic time together.

Wishing you peace wherever you are,



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