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Do "veggie pills" have actual nutrients? Also, reducing clutter—stress-free.

I loved this week's Hey, Health Coach question because the answer surprised me!

I always defer to skepticism when it comes to supplements, pills, and other wellness potions.

Of course, food is better than pills, but, interestingly, the research on concentrated fruit and vegetable supplements shows that they can boost levels of some important vitamins in the blood.

They won't replicate the full, healthy punch of whole fruits and vegetables. There are lots of enzymes, fiber and water in real veggies that can't be replicated in a pill. They won't fill you up, take up space on your plate, or taste good either—and supplements are expensive!

But they can help people who can't (or don't want to) eat fresh produce due to convenience, preference or a medical condition like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or colon problems.

Lots of great info in this week's Hey, Health Coach about who might benefit from produce supplements and how to know if you're actually getting the nutrients listed on the bottle. Read the full column here.

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Should I exercise when I'm sick?

I get this question all the time: Can I work out when I'm sick??

This piece from Women's Health does a great job of explaining how to know what your body needs when you're under the weather, including one rule to decide "whether to sweat or rest":

"If you have a cold and do want to exercise, follow the 'neck rule.'... If all of your symptoms are above the neck, you’re safe to work out." If you have symptoms below the neck like fatigue or achy muscles, it might be wise to hold off until you feel better!


Can clearing clutter reduce stress?

Yes! Clutter is associated with all kinds of physical and psychological challenges. Clearing it out can help clear your head and support your health, but only if you do it in ways that don't stress you out.

If you're thinking of doing some spring cleaning, this throwback Hey, Health Coach offers 4 specific questions to help you focus on what matters most and what might make the biggest difference at home.


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