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Is a wellness "challenge" right for you?

Happy new year! It's been a few weeks, and I've heard from some people who are struggling with New Year's "challenges." I fell into this last year when (in spite of EVERYTHING I know to be true about myself) I decided that I should tackle a 30-day January challenge. Suffice it to say, I made it approximately zero days. I realized that I DON'T LIKE RULES — even when I'm the one setting them. Creating a rule is the quickest way to insure I do the opposite. That's true of most of my clients too. It's one of the things I love most about them. They want to pave their own path — which is a unique but much more effective approach to long-term well-being. So this week at Forbes, I happily took a question from "Not Up For The Challenge" who wants to know "Should I try harder to stick with wellness challenges?" In the answer, you'll find:

  • One question that helps determine if a challenge is right for you

  • A useful mindset shift about being a "quitter", and

  • A quick exercise to help you figure out what kind of "challenge" might actually feel fantastic.

If you're looking for clarity instead of control, THE HABIT TRIP audiobook (with free worksheets) is coming out next week. I'll send an email when it goes live! You may have noticed my email looks a little different today! In service of simplicity, I have switched email providers. If you have not been receiving these emails for a while (but this one got through), they are probably going somewhere other than your inbox! The easiest way to fix that is to add my email to your address book. It really does help! I'm at, and you can reach me there any time with questions or ideas. All the best,



To learn more about the idea that arbitrary rules can be counterproductive, listen to my interview that came out over the weekend on the Humans Outside Podcast. The host, Amy Bushatz, is on a mission to spend 20 minutes outside EVERY day of her life — and she lives in Alaska!


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