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Alcohol alternatives - How to cut back after work.

Alcohol consumption has been a nagging theme for a lot of people throughout the pandemic. When our worlds got smaller and our options for entertainment and stress relief shrank, a lot of folks turned to alcohol to decompress at night.

It made sense! We needed to blow off steam, but over time, I've been hearing from more readers and clients who are unhappy with the long-term effects of nightly drinking. It starts to feel more like a downer than a pick-me-up.

So when "Drinking in Fuzzy Socks" wrote to Hey, Health Coach, asking how to cut back on drinking after work, I was definitely game to help figure it out. You can read the answer HERE. It's a quick refresher on how habits function in our brains (and lives)—and how to build replacement habits that feel so good you might even start craving them.

I hope it's helpful, not just for drinkers but for anyone who wants to change a sticky habit!

To send your own question for the column, CLICK HERE, and let me know you're a newsletter reader! (Your name will remain anonymous. Pick a pseudonym!) I'd especially love to answer questions from folks in this community. I'm always interested to hear what's on your mind.



Because of the way things work in publishing, I wasn't able to include specific brands of alcohol alternatives in my Forbes article this week, but I can include them here! This is why I love having a chance to connect directly with you through this letter every two weeks! Freedom to do our own thing.

The brands below are not paying me. They are products and companies that have crossed my radar in one way or another, most have been recommended by clients or I've tried them myself. If you try them, let me know what you think! And if you know of other good brands, I want to know about those too!

CBD Drinks:

Miraflora - Sparkling waters (and other luxuries, like bath bombs!)

Wyld - Sparkling waters & gummies

Kickback - Lemonades, coffee, & tea

Non-alcoholic liquors and cocktails:

Ritual Zero Proof - Tequila, rum, whiskey, or gin

Curious Elixers - Pre-made mocktails

Seedlip - complex herbal spirits

Gnista - Two varieties of "bourbon"

I haven't investigated wines yet, but would love to hear your suggestions!


(Photo by Stacey Wescott / Chicago Tribune)

Last, huge congrats to the Chicago Sky WNBA Champions!!

According to the Chicago Tribune, "The Sky is the first Chicago-based professional sports team to win a national championship since the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. The Sky clinched Sunday with an 80-74 win over the Phoenix Mercury after coming back from an 11-point deficit. The team set a WNBA record for most wins in one postseason with eight en route to the franchise’s first title...

"[Mayor] Lightfoot praised the Sky for their mental toughness after going 16-16 in the regular season to earn the sixth seed in the playoffs... 'They just kept at it.'"

The Tribune photos are fantastic if you need some mid-week inspiration.


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