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5 tell-tale warning signs of diet and fitness scams.

These past few weeks, several of my private clients told me that the holidays didn't offer the rest they were hoping for, and the beginning of the year feels more daunting than they expected.

They want to do lots of things to feel healthier, but they're too overwhelmed to figure out what those things are and how to find time or energy to make them happen.

It occurred to me that you might be feeling that way, too! So today I'll offer one option for a place to start.

If you've read my work at all, you probably know I believe:

Quality of life begins at the intersection of wellness and pleasure.

From pediatric to mid-life to end-of-life care, there is a lot to be said for finding pleasure in our bodies, in food, movement and play. We're not taught to believe that enjoyment has anything to do with health, but, in my experience, that is (by far) the most powerful place to begin building healthy routines.

In my last letter, I asked, "If you were to let yourself try something new this year, what would it be?"

To clarify that question, think of it this way:

If you wanted to try something—that could bring you both pleasure and wellness—what would it be?

What kind of exercise feels genuinely good? What nightly routines give you peace? What food simultaneously comforts and fuels you?

If you decide you want to incorporate something new into your life, consider the following questions:

  • What would be required to do it for the first time?

  • What is standing in your way?

  • What can be done to make it easier?

  • When could you try it?

Just once.

When you've done it once, you can re-access and decide if you want to do it again or if it was a boring, painful, useless experiment you have no desire to repeat!

Start by asking yourself what might feel great: Stretching before bed. Ax-throwing. Walking. Reading. Biking. Lasagne with extra veggies. Meditation. Pole-dancing. An extra glass of water.

It's your call, but whatever you're curious about might be worth trying.

My Forbes article this week is about diet and fitness scams and how to avoid them, but the easiest way to steer clear of that mess is to build your own plan—based on your body and your needs.

That's what I help people do, and it's pretty awesome to watch.

Anyway, you've got a lifetime to figure it out, but, if your new thing feels good, why not start now? One thing on top of the other.



Five tell-tale warning signs for diet and fitness scams

Diet and fitness scams can be hard to spot, especially when you are highly motivated to make a change.

In this week's Hey Health Coach column at Forbes, we discuss 5 TELL-TALE SIGNS OF A SCAM and how to make healthier choices that will last.

Please share if it could benefit people in your circle, and ignore any inappropriate ads on the article! (I don't have any say over that situation.)

Most of us have fallen prey to useless, money-sucking supplements or fitness challenges like this—myself included. 🙋‍♀️ At least we're not alone!


Photo: Derek Brahney via The NY Times

How a diet truth can turn into a sales pitch

This New York Times article—Is a Spoonful of Sea Moss the Key to Good Health?— clearly shows how a shred of nutritional truth can spiral into a health trend that can suck your wallet dry.

"Some claim that a scoop or more per day [of sea moss] can heal their gut, clear their skin, regulate their menstrual cycle, strengthen their immune system or help them shed pounds. But is this hype based on science?"

Sort of, but not really.

Fact: Sea moss contains valuable nutrients.

Another fact: You can just as easily get the same health benefits from eating leafy greens like kale, broccoli, arugula, or seaweed in a sushi roll.

Bottom line? "Swallowing a spoonful of sea moss isn’t likely to harm you, experts said. But it won’t transform your health or body, either."

If you want to slurp a bit of green gel each day, no harm no foul, except maybe for your pocketbook.


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