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Clearing out a "Clutter Catastrophe"

One of these days, I'm going to start one of these posts by saying, "Everyone is talking about how smoothly and easily things are going!"

We're not there yet. The water keeps rising, and these last few weeks have been rough... again. So I'm working with my clients on how to stay afloat and make some headway toward the shore.

The Hey, Health Coach column below is about clutter—what research says about how it impacts our health and how to avoid getting overwhelmed. But the answer doesn't only apply to clearing clutter. It's about figuring out which steps toward our goals feel intriguing, like crawling into a favorite sweater on a cold afternoon.

What kinds of exercise or food feed your body and soul? Who makes you laugh? Or, in the case of Clutter Catastrophe's conundrum, what parts of your home are most important to you, and which spaces do you most want to feel peaceful or creative?

That's the place to start, and that's where motivation comes from. Heading into fall, if you've got a few floatation devices firmly in place, you'll always be able to keep your head above water.


You can read the answer HERE!

Send your own question to me at Forbes, and don't forget to make up a pseudonym! All submissions are anonymous.


Photo by Firoz Sidiqy, Sar-e Pol, Afghanistan

I know a lot of us are feeling helpless about how to help the people of Afghanistan, especially the women and girls. If you're looking for somewhere safe to donate, Women for Women International is a wonderful organization. They are on the ground offering much needed support. You can "sponsor a sister" or make a one-time donation.


Photo by @lacuna__co via inclusive designer, Sarah Klecker

Last, if you need a little extra inspiration, the Paralympics start today and run through September 5th. These links will take you the schedule and how to watch. I wish the networks would carry it in prime time!


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