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NEW 🎉 Group Health Coaching. Plus, Sugar or Splenda?

Okay, this is a first.

The group coaching I've done before has been through private organizations, schools, non-profits, and my local community.

I've never offered it through this newsletter before, but I'm becoming acutely aware that I need to do some serious thinking about ACCESSIBILITY.

I adore my time with private clients. Working with them is my favorite part of my job. I love hearing their stories every week and helping them rewrite the way they approach health and healing.

However, it's becoming clear that I can't serve everyone one-on-one. There just aren't enough hours, and—more importantly—I know the cost can be prohibitive for some.

I have a lot more work to do to make these tools more widely accessible. My books are a good start, but reading alone, without support, can sometimes leave people inspired, but unsure what to do next.

With the New Year on the way, our inboxes and social media feeds are about to be full of wellness practitioners telling us how to "fix" ourselves. They have a plan! We are supposed to follow it, but somehow those plans never seem to help.

After 20 years of coaching, here is what I know:


This year, I'd like to help counteract the "New Year, New You" messaging by giving you concrete tools to heal on your own terms.

So, I'm opening up a brand new, 5-week group health coaching cohort:

This group is for you if:

  • You want to make healthy changes but have struggled to follow through in the past.

  • You are sick of trying to cram yourself into other people's boxes.

  • You care about your body and the state of the world, but stress is taking a toll on your ability to show up for both.

  • You want a flexible, self-directed approach to health that you can adapt and change to suit your needs.

  • You are kind and committed to sharing a safe space with others.

Over the five weeks, we will cover: How to create a personalized system to ease chronic stress, support your health and improve your quality of life, including: The "anatomy" of a habit

  • Why change is so hard and how to do it a different way

  • 1 choice to help you get invested in the changes you want

  • 1 tool to make new habits easier in your most challenging moments

  • 5 research-based practices that help new habits stick

  • How to adapt this approach as your circumstances change over time.


The group will be limited to 12 people. (It will close when full.)

I will personally moderate all of the meetings.

We will meet 5 times, beginning January 7th.

Enrollment is now open!

I'm so excited to come together as a group, to find out more about what drives you and reinforce whatever changes you want and need.

For now, this invitation is only going out to my newsletter, but (as long as there are openings) feel free to invite a friend to join you!

Health shouldn't be painful. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. 💪💕



Most popular diets shown to reduce nutritional value

This week, US News and World Report covered a new study of over 34,000 people that showed that "... popular diets based on food restrictions can be unhealthy and cause nutritional deficiencies."

The researchers reported that "Low diet quality was observed for all popular diet patterns evaluated in this study." However, replacing 1-3 daily servings of foods high in added sugar, sodium, saturated fat, and refined grains with healthier alternatives "led to an increase in diet quality and a decrease in energy intake [calories] for most diet patterns."

The takeaway?

Small changes in your diet can make the biggest difference for your health.


Calories or chemicals?

Splenda (sucralose) has been touted as being healthier than other artificial sweeteners because it’s derived from sugar: All the sweetness with none of the calories!

But is it too good to be true?

In this week’s Hey, Health Coach at Forbes, we discuss the differences between sugar and Splenda as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Send your own anonymous question to me HERE! And don't forget to choose a pseudonym. 😎


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