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Ten healthy fast food restaurants. 🚗

If you travel for work (or pleasure)—or you simply don't have time or interest to cook—you know how hard it can be to find fast, healthy food.

Fast food is comforting. It's easy. It satisfies cravings, and sometimes it’s the most inexpensive, accessible choice.

But can it be healthy?

That's what "On The Road Again" wanted to know this week at Forbes.

I have to say, researching this topic, I discovered a whole bunch of new options I didn't know about before!

Check out the column to learn more about:

  • Ten Healthy Fast Food Restaurants (and what they offer)

  • How to get specific about your goals when eating out

  • How apps can help you plan ahead or grab and go

  • Six specific ways to make your fast food order healthier

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!



16 Casserole Recipes

If you've been on a bender of fast food or spending too much cash eating out lately, this list of 16 Cozy Casserole Recipes from Eating Well might give you some ideas.

Casseroles are great because they can be portioned out, frozen, and saved for later. When you have several options in the freezer, you've got your own personal, homemade fast food at your fingertips.

Several on this list have meat or cheese, but most can be modified to be veggie, vegan or gluten-free. Just substitute your favorite tofu, tempeh, seitan, chickpea or lentil pasta, meat- or cheese-alternative to suit your fancy.

Have your own casserole favorites? Send me the recipe! I love a good casserole heading into fall.


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