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SLEEP! How to get it and what gets in the way.

This week's Forbes article is all about sleep:

  • How it kicks in,

  • The benefits of enough,

  • The drawbacks of too little,

  • And how to get more of it!

I enjoyed researching this one because I have insomnia pretty frequently. One of the most interesting findings was about something called "'sleep pressure', the product of a fatigue-inducing neurotransmitter (called adenosine) that builds up all day through physical and psychological activities."

Since doing this research, I've been thinking of my days in two parts:

  • 90% of the day is a tank that needs filling. Every time I get morning sunlight, tackle a challenging project, check something off my list, stand up from my desk, exercise, or dance in my kitchen to embarrass my kid, I'm filling the tank with sleep pressure.

  • 10% of the day is knowing when the tank is full — stepping away before it overflows (and I end up on my knees with a rag trying to soak up the mess until 2 in the morning). This part requires putting work away and picking up a book, music, or a podcast by 9 or 10 pm.

The tank empties overnight, and my job is to fill it up again each day. If I don't move all day, I haven't done my part, and the tank will be too empty or too full to drift off at bedtime. The weight of that pressure needs to be just right.

In the article, you'll find 8 takeaways about how to sleep better, including information on sleeping pills and melatonin.

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Vanderbilt "VandyLifts" Event

VandyLifts is a new club at Vanderbilt University with over 300 members. The student-run group is on a mission to help students get comfortable with the recreation center and working out, particularly weight lifting.

They offer mentorship, options sign up to exercise with a peer or check out the gym with no pressure, as well as social outings, healthy eating info, and guest speakers—like the event I'm doing on the 28th! I'm so impressed with the work these students are doing.

We're going to be talking about STRESS RELIEF and how to build healthy habits YOUR WAY—not the way you think you're "supposed to."

This one is for Vandy students, but I'm booking speaking engagements for both companies and colleges into the winter and spring! Learn more about how to offer a keynote or workshop for your community HERE.


Speaking of weight lifting

Inspired by what the students are doing, below are a few articles about the benefits and basics of resistance training. 💪

The Cleveland Clinic reports on a new study showing that just one hour a week of weight-bearing exercise can make huge improvements in heart health, reducing your chance of a heart-related event by 40-70%.

NBC News highlights 7 Benefits of Strength Training that Go Beyond Building Muscle including self-esteem, brain power, and "forgetting about the day's problems." Sounds pretty good to me! recommends weight training twice a week, but some of my clients prefer 10 minutes a day. If you're curious how to get started, here are 10 Weightlifting Exercises for Beginners.


If a friend would benefit from Microdosing Wellness, they can sign up here.

Past posts can be found HERE.

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