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My new episode on Zooey Deschanel's HBO MAX show! 💕

I've got some fun news this week!

Zooey Deschanel's new show, What Am I Eating?, premiered on HBO MAX, and I'm honored to be a featured expert in Episode 3: Cereal Thriller!

We've all seen a lot of food and diet series come and go, preaching about what we're "supposed" to be eating.

Some are boring. Some are misleading, and a whole lot of them are damaging— shaming people about their bodies or what they choose to eat.

👉 This series is the opposite of that. It's fun and playful. It explores where food and diet myths come from, features experts with all kinds of body types, and debunks misconceptions about eating that have been muddied by diet culture.

I had a blast talking with Kevin Curry (Fit Men Cook) about breakfast and what happens when we skip it—specifically in the context of intermittent fasting. He tackled a very tough workout on the football field without any food in his belly to investigate whether or not it was harder without fuel.

If you’re looking for our bit, it’s in Episode 3, around 18 minutes in!

And if you want to learn more about grains, greens, and how we've been misled about fat and fruits, check out the whole series. Let me know what you think! 🥣💪❤️

All the best,



How to Gain Muscle with Weightlifting

Speaking of fit men (and women), building muscle can be challenging for anyone 👉 especially for folks who are either naturally slim or feel out of shape.

The editors and I chose this question in honor of Men's Health Month, but it's VERY important to point out that ALL of us can benefit from strength training and increased muscle mass—to boost metabolism, agility, balance, confidence, and protect vulnerable joints.

My column at Forbes is about health coaching, but this week I got to put on my personal trainer hat. 😎 (I've been a NSCA-CPT since 2003. It's not my primary gig any more, but it does feel pretty great to focus on building physical POWER every now and then.)

In this Hey, Health Coach, we explore weightlifting variations like straight sets, pyramid, compound and super sets—as well as how nutrition impacts muscle mass. To read more, click HERE!

👉 You can send your own anonymous question to me at Forbes.(Don't forget to leave a pseudonym!)


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