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The Out-of-Shape Workout Plan, Using Your Commute for Good, and Love of Sugar! 💪

Spring is blooming in Nashville, and I am having a lot of fun working with my clients on what they want to taste and try MORE of, rather than focusing on what they want to quit, stop, or otherwise control.

For them, that means more walks, more baths, more phone calls to check on friends, more Spanish lessons, more travel, more boundaries with overbearing colleagues, more fruit, more exercise, and more movies—among other things.

In that spirit, I've got three leads for you today:

  • In the newest Hey, Health Coach at Forbes, "Mom Jeans" asks how to start a fitness routine after a long hiatus from exercise.

  • NPR's Planet Money published a great article this week on reclaiming your "commute" for mental and physical health. They offer valuable advice for folks commuting from the living room to the kitchen or commuting all the way across town.

  • In a recently re-posted Hey, Health Coach column from 2021, we discuss how kids can develop a healthy relationship with sugar, but it's not just for them! Turns out, an adjustment that is helpful for little ones, can also be freeing for the rest of us.

You'll find links below for all of them.

Wishing you a peaceful week! If the flowers aren't blooming where you are yet, hold tight. Spring is coming your way. 🌱🌺



How to start a new workout routine from zero

"Mom Jeans" used a very important word in her question: progress!

To make significant changes of any kind, adjustments are required. Fortunately, opportunities to make those adjustments are all around us, and every one of them represents progress.

The trouble is people are often so focused on outcomes, they can't enjoy (or even recognize) the progress they're making, which sends the whole plan into a free fall.

To create your own unique progress and set yourself up to keep building on it, check out these six questions at Forbes to help you start getting stronger when you're feeling out of shape.

➡️ Send your own anonymous question to me at Hey, Health Coach! I'd love to know what's on your mind. 😎


Can a commute actually improve your health?

If so, how?! And what if you work from home?

Transitions are hugely important in the work I do with clients—from season to season, from work to home, from solo to family life or the other way around, and from health to illness and back again.

Some transitions are predictable, some aren't, but the ones surrounding our daily work rhythms offer a lot of potential for mental and physical well-being.

Learning how to shape and adapt those transitions can go a long way toward peace of mind and creative energy for work and play.

This article from NPR's Planet Money breaks down how to create that space, whether you live and work in two different locations or not.


Learning to eat sugar for better health?

In this column, a parent wrote in to say she has struggled with her diet her whole life and wants to help her kids have a healthier relationship with food—sugar in particular.

In my answer, we discuss how to teach kids (or ourselves) how to enjoy sugar in a healthy way rather than learning how to "control" it.

Health isn't just about wholesome snacks or standing desks. "It also means infusing our lives with doses of pleasure—even the 'forbidden' kind."


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