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Exercise at any age and merch that matters - 100% for charity

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

This week on LinkedIn, Stephen Fern, Chairman of Ark2030 (a global initiative to end the climate crisis), shared this photo of what tomatoes look like.

He was celebrating the benefits of biodiversity and observing how boring and unhealthy life can be when we limit the shapes, sizes, and colors of the food we eat—and the benefits when we diversify.

It got me thinking, as I attended the women's march over the weekend, how that same principle applies to our beautifully diverse bodies and backgrounds.

People of all genders, races, sizes, and ages poured into Legislative Plaza in Nashville, as they did all over the country, and I was reminded how amazing it feels to be TOGETHER—to feel the power of mutual RESPECT for every human body.

When I launched my second book, Physical Disobedience, in 2018, I released a line of Merch That Matters for all shapes and sizes, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. 10% of my personal profits from sales of that book have always gone to the same causes: Planned Parenthood and the World Food Programme. Little did I know how crucial those two charities would be in 2022.

The World Food Programme has taken a leading role in relief for Ukrainian refugees, and Planned Parenthood is mobilizing across the United States to make sure women in all 50 states have access to the healthcare they need.

As you probably know, selling isn't usually my thing, but I did a poll on Instagram over the weekend asking if folks would like for me to launch these shirts for charity again, and 100% of respondents said YES.

So here you go!

You will find sizes XS - 2XL and 14 - 28 in the women's curvy styles. Lots of colors, and you can shop for the next two weeks! If they sell well, I will make them available for longer. 100% of profits will be split between WFP and PP. Please share with friends if you think they would like to support the cause!

Getting mad with a whole bunch of like-minded strangers feels good. Doing something about it feels even better. 😎




I love this week's question at Forbes from Going Strong because it doesn't only apply to the over-60 set. We are all aging! And, at any age, exercise is hugely helpful for a whole list of reasons, not the least of which are sleep, mood, immunity, and pain relief.

Evidence shows we can absolutely build muscle, balance, and flexibility regardless of age, and"exercise" can be anything you want as long as it gets you moving.

READ the answer here or SEND your own anonymous question to me at Hey, Health Coach. I want to know what you're wondering about!


Last, I have to share some coolness happening in Portland, Oregon. Restauranteur, Jenny Nguyen, has opened Sports Bra, a sports bar dedicated exclusively to women's sports.

NBC News reports, "Aside from its exclusive focus on women’s sports, the bar has some other feminist features. Its 21 taps all come from local women-led breweries and cideries, and its outdoor picnic tables were made by Girls Build, a local nonprofit that teaches girls construction skills... The food menu includes various vegan and vegetarian options containing ingredients from women-owned businesses. It also features some Vietnamese family dishes from Nguyen, whose parents immigrated from Vietnam."

Now I want to go to Portland to see for myself! Who is in Portland and can report back? 😀



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