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My new FORBES advice column!

I have exciting news today! I have a brand new, recurring advice column with FORBES! Gah!!! It's called Hey, Health Coach, and it's an old-school, reader-driven advice column, like Dear Abby. The first one, out today, explores what a health coach does and how to know if you're hiring a good one.

I'm already at work on the second! Hint: It's about procrastination.

Forbes has launched a new Health vertical (like a section of a magazine), and I'm thrilled to be part of a news outlet that is putting a spotlight on well-being and how it it intersects with everything else. Health is the most powerful commodity we have.

This column will allow me to meet people right where they are and distill 18 years of work with private clients into bite-sized, actionable tidbits that directly address people's concerns. At its root, it's about kindness—listening to our bodies and figuring out how to respond with healing reinforcements.

Please share if you're into it, and send questions! I can't wait to read the questions. (Don't forget to use a sleuthy pseudonym. That's the best part!). Here is the link to read and share.

Much love and more soon,



For those of you new to this letter, hello and welcome! Coaching comes in many different levels of support. You'll find a quick summary below, and a few articles at the end that might be useful!

  • This Microdosing Wellness newsletter and the Forbes column will come out every other week for free. I love hearing your feedback, so don't hesitate to reach out or send questions for the column!

  • The Habit Trip is an interactive, Shel Silverstein-inspired workbook where you are the expert and lead character in your own story. I wrote it to offer universal access to this work for anyone curious about what drives them and interested in making life easier—for the cost of veggie deluxe pizza and a bit of introspection.

  • I work privately with a number of clients. These slots are limited, but it's my favorite thing to do. Read more about Private Coaching here.

  • I create events and workshops for corporations and non-profits, catered to the needs of their communities. I can also do private coaching with leadership to help guide personal & professional growth or company-wide wellness initiatives. Read more about Events and Workshops.

  • Coming soon! I am in the early phases of working on a downloadable course that will walk you through a single habit change, step-by-step—and learn how repeat the process, whenever and however you want. If you're interested in this, please let me know, and I'll notify you when it's available!


For anyone struggling with food, depression, or anxiety, The New York Times wrote an insightful piece called How Food May Improve Your Mood about growing research that food may play a significant role in stabilizing our mental health. Lots more research to do, but this offers hope—and a concrete approach to physical and mental well-being that I've seen work wonders.


The BBC reported this week on a series of trials that were done in Iceland, from 2015 to 2019, to study the effect of reducing work hours. The title of the article is Four-day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland, but the trials only lowered hours from 40 to 36 or 35 hours a week! Not even a full day, and the results were remarkable.

Productivity improved or stayed the same, and workers reported feeling less stress and burnout and more time for family, hobbies and home life. What started with 1% of Iceland's workforce has now grown to 86%.

I'm just now trying to get down to a five-day work week! Apparently, I'm a failure on this front, so far, but this goes to show that just a few hours, here and there, can make a huge difference.


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