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Forced Downtime (Covid-19)

Well... it seems that over the course of the last week, everything we took for granted is suddenly no more: work, school, spring break, the NBA, concerts, movies, conferences. Alarm bells are ringing at level 11, and we find ourselves in uncharted territory.  I have been sequestered in my basement for the last few days with a chest cold. I'm letting my husband take the lead upstairs and giving my little man air hugs from ten feet away. No fever, so the doctor seems unconcerned, but I'm taking precautions for the good of the tribe.  The alone time has given me a chance to think about the thousands of times my training or coaching clients have told me, "There's just not enough time." No time for stretching, no time for art, music, cooking, or walking. No time for long conversations with far away friends or writing thoughts down on paper. This forced downtime has given me an opportunity to think about the absolute blur that has been the last six months for me too: no time.  This week, I've had nothing but time, to listen to the chain saws and dump trucks outside my window continuing the recovery after the Nashville tornados. And, slowly, my brain is tuning in to a frequency I'm not sure I've ever attended to before, one where all the external noise slips away. With that, I'm left with the simplest of facts: 1. We never know what's coming next. 2. Our health and the collective well-being of our communities is what matters most. 3. Even when we have to shelter in place, we are not alone. I know for a fact that some people receiving this email have lost their homes and livelihoods in recent days. And I'm heartsick over the lives, connections, and productivity that will be lost in the coming influx of Covid-19 and the kids whose daily meals hang in the balance as schools are shuttered. Hopefully the powers-that-be can help blunt the impact from this catastrophe. We're all doing our part. But, amid all of these challenges, I see one beautiful thing coming into view: a pause. Time. Suddenly there is a lot more time to devote to rest, recovery, and connecting with loved ones (even if it has to be via technology). Most of my health coaching sessions happen over the phone or Skype, and my training sessions happen one-on-one, allowing time to sanitize in between. I'll be working in the coming weeks, but I think I'll also take a minute to pick up my guitar, play a board game with my son, call a friend I haven't talked with in too long, or root around my house for things to organize or give away. In the meantime, I'm snuggled up down here with Patrick, the giraffe—my little man's attempt to help me feel better.

If we find ourselves with some extra time in the coming weeks, let's use it for something we never have time for, something that matters—even if that means just resting your eyes for a minute. Use it to connect with the people that matter, near and far. We'll come out the other side of this eventually, and I plan to learn something along the way. I'm here for coaching sessions for anyone who needs to think through how to stay healthy through all of this. (Sliding scale if needed). Contact me here. Also, see my newsletter from 3/12/20 for free yoga and other fitness options you can do at home. You can sign up for the newsletter here. Love and peace,


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